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About JD

Hello. I'm Jon Davis. Most people call me JD. I'm a graduate student at the University of Virginia studying curriculum and instruction design with a emphasis in technology.

I currently serve as a Knowledge Manager supporting a Marine Corps. project. Before transitioning to a career in government contracting, I was a high school teacher and lacrosse coach.

Education, in any learning environment, is a passion of mine. Whether it is identifying and educating network engineers on efficiencies, teaching lacrosse players how to defend one-on-one, or introducing high school students to the amazing world of design thinking, instruction in general is my jam.

I also enjoy learning. I'm always reading or otherwise studying design, music, cooking, philosophy, art, and anything else that might qualify as the topic de jour.

I have a B.A. in History from George Mason University. I taught Special Education, English, US History, US Government, Graphic Arts, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Computer Literacy, and Intro to Computer Programming for 10 years. I coached lacrosse at the youth club, high school, college club, and NCAA Division II levels for 20 seasons. I have 10 years of government contracting experience serving as a technical writer, drafter, and knowledge manager. Additionally, I do part-time graphic design work for sports teams and breweries. 

Welcome! I hope this site is helpful.


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