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Government Project Access and Use of a Documentation Library


In short, I am trying to educate my project team on how to create documentation from our project templates, and then have them reviewed, approved, and published to our public library. Additionally, instruction on how to local historical published artifacts and existing working documents will be a part of the instruction.

The Learn-to-Win platform will host instructional materials and serve as the virtual learning environment. I really do not have a say in what technology we use and this is the bright-shiny new thing, it is be procurement, and I have been told to use it. This said, Learn-to-Win is robust learning-management system with some very nice features, which should allow for an effective learning environment. Learn-to-Win allows for multimedia content, has data tracking, and quiz functions. I will use supplementation video with narration in my videos. I hope to provide instruction that is open-ended enough that project members are able to complete documents that they actually need in support of their efforts.

Learner Characteristics:

Entry-level new professional with B.S. degrees for four-year universities or equivalent to Senior Network and Cybersecurity Engineers.

This group is largely male between the ages of 22-55.

Most of this group has been supporting the project for two or more years and is familiar with the types of documentation required for the project.

Instructional Strategies Selected:

The primary instructional strategy will be direct instruction facilitated using an online presentation platform. Text, narration, and video will provide the instruction; online quizzes will serve as both formative assessments and scaffolded practice. Hypertext links will led learners to templates required to create the required documentation.


Learn-To-Win is a mobile app for training that is fast, easy, and flexible.  Learn-to-Win provides module web template for instructors and easy-to-follow navigation for learners. Learn to Win breaks down lessons into bite-sized, easy-to-learn activities. As a highly adaptable, user-friendly program, Learn to Win makes it simple to transform dense manuals, long videos, and other classroom-oriented training materials into quick and easy to learn lessons for today’s digital-first learners.

Rationale for Selection:

All EIM project personnel have access to Learn-to-Win

Learn-to-Win has several tool and pre-build modules to facilitate presentation and formative assessments.

Instructional Materials

Online paced modules - Online platform allows instructor to design modules that are accessible either on a laptop computer or mobile app. Modules can include a variety of multimedia.


Video instruction - The Learn-to-Win platform supports mpg4 video. My experience with animation and motion graphics will allow me to develop animations to illustrate common project destinations.


Narration - Learn-to-Win allows all modules to be narrated, which will reduce the amount of text on the screen and subsequently the cognitive load of the learner.

Online Quizzes with data tracking - Online, instantly graded quizzes allows for assessments and immediate feedback. The data tracking of user results will allow the know manager and project manager the ability to track progress.

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